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Next Generation Allogeneic Cellular Therapy Based on
Unparalleled Gamma/Delta-T cell Manufacturing

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PhosphoGam has developed the technology to manufacture nearly limitless numbers of gamma/delta T-cells obtained from healthy donors. These universal killer cells can be generated at a fraction of the cost of other cell therapies, including CAR T cells, and can be used against a multitude of cancers without need for artificial targeting.

PhosphoGam's Unique Approach


PhosphoGam's unique proprietary cell manufacturing capabilities — combined with our revolutionary clinical delivery platform — allows us to exploit the broad, innate antitumor properties of unmodified human gamma/delta-T cells derived from the blood of healthy allogeneic donors.


The PhosphoGam technology platform has been designed and optimized to exclusively stimulate the the Vd2+ type of gamma/delta-T cells. PhosphoGam is the only company able to economically generate essentially limitless numbers of highly pure universal killer Vd2+ gamma/delta-T cells in a simple, scaleable process that does not require costly purification steps.


Key to the allogeneic therapeutic strategy is that PhosphoGam ex vivo expanded unmodified Vd2+ gamma/delta-T cells retain their innate ability to recognize and kill virtually any type of malignant cell — and do so without need of costly and complicated genetic modifications such as those required to generate CAR T cells.


Generating essentially limitless numbers of universal killer allogeneic T cells ready at anytime for off-the-shelf use can enable a revolution in cancer cell therapy. PhosphoGam's simple and elegant approach offers significant biological and economic advantages over all artificially-targeted cell therapies, including allogeneic CAR T cells.


PhosphoGam is advancing cell therapies based on gamma/delta T-cells, a rare universal killer lymphocyte. Gamma/delta T-cells are naturally able to recognize and kill a wide spectrum of cancer cell types and are especially active against solid tumors.

PhosphoGam is based upon decades of gamma/delta-T cell research by company founder & CEO Dr. Richard Lopez, MD.



PhosphoGam's Purpose


PhosphoGam was founded in order to revolutionize cancer cellular immunotherapy through off-the-shelf, "universal killer" allogeneic human gamma/delta-T cells. Our purpose is to improve outcomes for patients suffering from hematologic malignances or solid tumors.


PhosphoGam was founded by Dr. Richard D. Lopez, MD, an Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University who is a physician-scientist specializing in allogeneic cellular therapies, and an expert in the area of gamma/delta-T cell cancer immunotherapy.

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